Monday, December 20, 2010


A bit of 'synchronicity' occurred today....I gathered up my books on Masonry and related topics this weekend, starting Friday night, and read and reviewed materials and planned to upload some of the images of these today...but early this morning at the newsstands I came across a magazine that brought up the old notion that 'Masons controll the world' or are a'secret government' which makes everyone interested in the 'conspiracies' discussed more alert to such..... The magazine dealt with various subjects but I did not buy it as yet. It some some articles on facebook profile pictures and what they convey to various study groups, including marketers and so forth....plus some stuff on volcanos that interest me, and also the effect of 'improving' certain brain functions by the internet which I read and agreed with along certain lines...though its main thesis apart from this was that it limits and affects memory..... So now at the center, I am trying to upload a few of the books I have in my library,etc. and hope to discuss some of them in the future....I also have books on some of the'secre societies' and related groups to place in here....always good fodder when looking for the unusual and sometimes the weird if not the fantastic....which can be made to seem most plausible...especially when various things are magnified...or if one has had some minor contacts, however tenuous, or so major or minor doubts about the status quo and the official pronouncements....more on this another time...

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  1. When growing up on the farm in Cornish,NH, as a boy of eight, nine,ten,eleven or so, my Uncle Bill, the husband of my Aunt who lived with us and also her daughter, my cousin, Becky, during the War (WWII),used to talk sometimes about the MASONS since he was a member and also a Shriner who attended conventions and the like, and drop hints about it. His "masonic' Bible was always nearby in the living room but I found little to distinguish it from any other Bible of the King James Version except the symbol of the CRAFT on its opening cover. One thing I recall that he told me one day is this: YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR BODY. YOUR BODY IS ONLY LOANED TO YOU' I never forgot that and realize that it is a very profound statement. He often showed me some of his regalia, and his Fez which was interesting and somewhat intriguing. I shall say other things about all of this at some other time.