Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Mention of the ROSICRUCIAN MOVEMENT(S) and organizations as well as those who supposedly were ROSICRUCIANS has long been of interest to me from childhood and youthful school days, when I read the books on such that were in the library, where I lived along, with magazines that came from organizations of such, who also ran advertisements in many popular and sometimes well-known magazines.....usually with this eye-catching caption: "WHAT POWERS DID THIS MAN POSSESS?" AND there would be depictions of such persons as Ben Franklin, Leibnitz, Descartes, Newton,etc. Eventually, I contacted some, if not most of them, and took every opportunity to read on Rosicrucianism in dictionaries, encyclopledias, as well as in books that sometimes discussed such, and, of course, I read a lot of other things, much of which can be termed as: arcane, esoteric, supernatural, spiritualistic, mediumistic, psychological, etc. among other things.....too numerous to mention here but are often discussed by me in my other blogs when I have time and feel the urge to do so.... There is little doubt in my mind that I was influenced by the occult in many ways through reading, movies a slight bit, radio programs of some kinds, and magazines, of which, FATE was probably the premier one that I found the most fascinating over the years, although it is now long gone, and my early copies of it also long gone....though there are some contemporary publications, present-time ones that occasionally catch my attention and on some occasions I may purchase such, but only if the topic(s) or article(s) are significant, add to what I did not know already, or unusual and timely.... I have a blog that deals with Rosicrucianism specifically but since it is always listed in most books on such esoteric groups and also in conspiracy books and other literature, I have placed it also under SECRET SOCIETIES....and this will lead, no doubt, to some strange bedfellows..... The relationship of subjects will sometimes be apparent when a number of such groups,organizations, etc. are compared and studied and it might well appear that osme of them are operating on the same lines or parallel lines and so people, like myself, may jump from one line of thought and endeavor to another one, sometimes going in opposite directions....all of it being a most difficult, if not confusing, balancing or juggling act, that few persons wish to bother with and seldom do so.....more on this another time..

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